Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spring Lambs Have Arrived!!

I wanted you all to see the lovely colors of our new Spring Lambs, even though it is still cold, in Texas, but we are lambing daily now, and will have baby lambs everywhere in a couple more weeks...We have been in the teens at night, and high's 30's during the day. I am so ready for Spring weather to arrive, and start my gardening projects. The other photo shows us feeding our goats in the winter blizzard!! They are hungry....Also, our playful Gaurdian Dogs, taking a break from their jobs....

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  1. Holy smokes...look at that snow! Are you sure this is Texas??? I love the sheep, they are always so sweet and blissful looking. And the goats are just how you would expect....pushy! Great pictures. Welcome to blogland :) It's nice to see you here!!

    Sending big warm hugs ~ Jenn xo