Monday, May 5, 2014

Prim Dolls of Calico has just up-dated with very unique Early Gatherings...Dolls, Early Amish Made Children Clothing, Early Bears, Early Doll Bedding..Come and have a look!!!

 Teddy Bear Pick Nick - set -155.00
                             Amish Homespun Dress Early -29.00 for set
                         Christine LeFever One of a Kind Original - 245.00
               Norma Schneeman Early Doll Apron/Skirt and early socks - 48.00

               Early Hand Knitted Doll Blanket and Pillow set - from Lancaster County, PA. - 65.00

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prim Dolls of Calico welcomes you to our Feb. 5th update

Prim Dolls of Calico welcomes you to our Feb. 5th update on at Noon Eastern time. Early Valentines of all sorts, such as, pantry boxes, dolls, sewing needfuls from Early Quaker and the Amish, and early calico doll dresses. Please also see our new added one of a kind dolls by Angela Hillstrom all for Valentines Day!!!

Contact me if you see anything you wish to buy...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico welcomes you to stop by and veiw some Antique Finds - all available now - Early Doll Dresses, Artist Dolls and Amish Toys, Early Wool Bear Dressed in a early Victorian lace white dress..Come on over and enjoy!!!

  Early Style Hand Made Sock Doll , by Angela Hillstrom - 165.00 - Hand Made 1800's style Toy Dog - 55.00
                          Hand Made Doll/Bear Dress - 1918 Amish - $39.00
               1918 Hand Made Doll Dress Blue Calico - 45.00 Early Calico Bonnet - 20.00, 1800'sSewing Roll - Sold
  Early Golden Wool Bear - 1930's - 65.00...