Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just up-dated Prim Dolls of Calico with Early Christmas Gifts now for sale, Sewing, Dolls, all 1800's Calico's, e-mail, to reserve your item.

                           Stacey Nash original sewing roll-up - SOLD- 98.00 for set, scissors, and wool
                                 Early 1800's peices of cloth - a bundle - 45.00 - available
                             One of a kind -  Angela Hillstom Christmas Dolly - SOLD - 95.00
                   Calico 1800's Doll Dress designed and made by Pamela Haber - available - 95.00, early PA..1800's childs Sewing bag with accessories - 75.00 - NOW SOLD

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Prim Dolls of Calico has in some wonderful Christmas Bears, Early Dolls, Mittens, Shoes, all from PA....Awesome Antiques!!!

                              Early Style Hand Made Mohair Bear for Christmas - available
                             Early Rag Doll from PA. 1800's and Hand made early doll Bed - Both available
                           Early Childs Blue Wool Mittens from PA.- available - 22.00
                               Early Childs Red Mittens from PA.- SOLD -15.00
                                  Early Wool Shoes - Victorian era 1800's available - 45.00

Monday, October 1, 2012

Prim Dolls of Calico adding more new Dolls for the October 1st up-date here on this blog..Come and see us!!! Happy Fall Time!!!

                      Nicole Sayre Doll - One of a kind - 12 inches 225.00 - SOLD
                                         Miss Penelope Evaline - New - SOLD
                                   Miss Reese  by Pamela Haber SOLD and Early Calico Book-SOLD
               "The Girls" all by Norma Schneeman - Miss Fortune - SOLD

Happy October 1st! Prim Dolls of Calico is ready for the Fall Season, and we have New Norma Schneeman Dolls available, and many early Amish Wares and Wool Pumpkins, Early Sewing Baskets, and be sure and see us on The 1800 House update on Oct. 3rd!!! These items are available to purchase e-mail me for more information.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prim Dolls of Calico is back in business for the New Fall Season....come and see the latest in Early Wares, Early Dolls and Quilts, and Norma Schneeman's work.

                                               Early Old Green Bucket - 95.00
                                  Christmas Norma Schneeman Slippers - 55.00
                                          Early Doll Quilt - 55.00 - SOLD
                        Large Early Old Rag Doll with Pencil Face from PA.1800's....395.00

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prim Dolls of Calico will have many surprises for you to see on The 1800 House, New Dolls, Early Antiques, and Artist One of a Kinds..Come and see us tomorrow at Noon eastern time!!!

        Sawdust Dolly - 95.00 - Pamela Haber - Early Wooden Tray with Wooden Wares - 95.00 available - from the 1800's available
                             Amy - Christine LeFever - Available - $249.00
                   Early 1800's Red Wooden Bucket is SOLD & Black Baby - Norma Schneeman - SOLD
                                 Early Green Wooden Bucket - 1800's - available - 95.00 -Rabbit Doll by Rabbit Hill Primitives is available for 85.00

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prim Dolls of Calico has just added new designs by Pamela Haber, they are available on this blog,,Also come see us tomorrow with Early Dolls, and Farm House Finds, from PA, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time at July 11.

                                  Miss Abica 16" all early calico - SOLD
    "Miss Prudence" is NOW SOLD - THANK-YOU - all early blue calico, bed ticking for legs, pin striped - 131/2 inches -
                     Topsy Turvy Black/White Doll - sudust stuffed - available - 112.00Black Doll available 9 inches - 99.00 -White Doll in middle is stuffed with sawdust....available - 95.00...Doll in Blue Calico Dress is SOLD..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 4th from Prim Dolls of Calico: Just added, New Norma Schneeman Dolls, Early PA. Blue Dough Bowl, And Miss Liberty the Patriotic Bear all available

                              Miss Liberty Bear SOLD - 25 inches aged Fur, Floppy Style
                                  Miss Clagette 23 inches - New - early blue Calico
                             Miss Lizzie SOLD - & BLUE/CHECK QUILT-SOLD
                             Early Old Blue Dough Bowl from PA..Dutch Amish

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prim Dolls of Calico has just added some wonderful Earlies, and a New Doll By Pamela Haber..Sewing Box full of Sewing Needfuls by Norma Schneeman

     Pamela Haber One of a Kind - new - Early 1800's doll dress available - $265.00              
                            1800's Rag Balls and Quilt Squares - from PA.. available - 45.00
                              1800's Childs Dress - Ohio -SOLD - 45.00
                                       Norma Schneeman Sewing Box - 65.00 available - signed