Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico welcomes you to stop by and veiw some Antique Finds - all available now - Early Doll Dresses, Artist Dolls and Amish Toys, Early Wool Bear Dressed in a early Victorian lace white dress..Come on over and enjoy!!!

  Early Style Hand Made Sock Doll , by Angela Hillstrom - 165.00 - Hand Made 1800's style Toy Dog - 55.00
                          Hand Made Doll/Bear Dress - 1918 Amish - $39.00
               1918 Hand Made Doll Dress Blue Calico - 45.00 Early Calico Bonnet - 20.00, 1800'sSewing Roll - Sold
  Early Golden Wool Bear - 1930's - 65.00...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico welcomes you to visit our Blog today for awesome early Antiques that are very unique. All in and fresh from PA. Prim Dolls will have new items for The 1800 House update on the 5th of June. Come and see us!!!! Happy Summertime...

Early Large Sheep Mold from Germany - 185.00 , Early Child's blue tin Lantern - 45.00
                             1800's Original Child Print Old Tin Frame - 65.00
                   Wool Teddy 4th July - jointed original design by Kathy - 135.00
                             Early 1800's wallpaper covered Boxes - 25.00 each.......

Monday, April 29, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico has just up-dated on this beautiful Spring Morning the blog with 1800's Early Calico Dresses, Cast Iron Sheep, Norma Schneeman Dolls, and early Calico Pantry Boxes..Be sure and check out my Antiques on The 1800 House up-date Wed. May 1st at Noon Eastern time!

                                   1800's Calico Child's Dress - 155.00 - SOLD
                                   SOLD 1800's Cast Iron Sheep Bank - 99.00
                SOLD - Thank-you   Norma Schneeman Doll in Early Blue Calico
                      SOLD -  1800's Calico Covered Pantry Boxes

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico has just updated this Blog with Early Dolls, Basket, Stitcheries, Calico Early Childs Bonnet, and Dress, and a very Early Teddy Bear in a 1800's Gathering Basket...

                                 Early 1800's Rag Doll from PA., available - Early Stitchery - 1800's available
                                 Early China Head Dolls and cloth bodies - 1800's available
                             Childs Early Dress and Early blue Calico Bonnet - available
                                 Early Gathering Basket and Teddy available

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico just up-dated with Early Easter Antiques with One of a Kind Dolls, e-mail for availability.

                Vintage Pa., Egg Scale - Available - $35.00 - 1800's Comes with real Blown Eggs
                                                   SOLD - Doll by Norma Schneeman
                                       SOLD -   Dolls in the Shoe Set by Norma Schneeman-
 Rare LargeVintage Steiff Begging Bunny - Available with Hat - 450.00

Monday, March 4, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico has added 19thCentury Easter Childrens Wares, Toys, Amish Needfuls, and New Dolls by Norma Schneeman..Now updated on Prim Dolls of Calico's Blog.

  19thCentury Calico Child's Dress SOLD -Amish Childrens Socks with Repairs -Available - 25.00
 1920's Mohair Bear with many make-do repairs-Available- 95.00 - Early Red Calico Pantry Box - SOLD. Stacy Nash Blue Bird Availabe - 35.00
             Easter Set - Available -19th Century Victorian Child's Dress with Hat, and Bible - 145.00
                        19th Century - Hand Knitted Easter Gloves - and Easter Hat for a Child is 65.00

Monday, January 28, 2013

Prim Dolls of Calico welcomes you to stop by and veiw latest arrivals for sale. Norma Schneeman Dolls for Valentines, Black Dolls, Early Antiques from PA...

                    Miss Clover in her early red calico dress - Early Black Rag Doll - available -$99.00
                      Norma Schneeman Doll and Dress - Available - 195.00
           My Early Style Hand Made Pantry Box - available - $29.00 Pin Keeper by Stacy Nash - SOLD
                                                  Early Old Red Carrier - SOLD